VIU Graduate Attributes

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Written Communication 

At the heart of VIU’s creative writing program is learning to communicate via writing in a variety of genres. At VIU, I’ve studied poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism, and scriptwriting. Each creative writing class is workshop-based, which means we focus on editing and critiquing the work of our classmates. Now that I’ve completed over 25 workshop classes, I’ve developed the ability to craft writing, whether I’m the writer or editor, that communicates well.

The skill of written communication has proved incredibly valuable in the work I’ve been doing during my degree, from writing grants for Autism BC, to writing fundraising copy for Island Crisis Care Society, to writing news stories for The Navigator.

Creative Thinking

Throughout my degree, I’ve sharpened my creative thinking by reimagining assignments. In poetry class, instead of handing in a written poem, I’d sometimes create a video poem that incorporated my sense of cinematography. In English class, instead of responding to a text through prose, I’d sometimes respond through verse, photography, or video. Once, in a group English project, we were asked to simplify a complex topic. My group was assigned Julia Kristeva’s idea of “abjection.” We responded with the video essay below and, one year later, it has over 5,000 views and a healthy discussion in the comments section.

Capacity to Engage in Respectful Relationships

Studying at VIU has provided me the opportunity to work with people who have different ethnicities, backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and disabilities. In doing so, I’ve learned the importance of acceptance and inclusion and how to better develop and engage in respectful relationships. I’m also more aware of the issues facing marginalized people. Developing this attribute at VIU has helped me with my work at Island Crisis Care Society.