Who Am I

Bird Lover

Birds and Bark is the product of my deep love of birds. In 2017, I launched birdsandbark.com as a destination for high-quality, Nanaimo-based bird photography and writing. I was interviewed by both Nanaimo News Bulletin and Tourism Nanaimo. In 2018, I redesigned the website to support online sales of my bird photography, along with other wildlife I photograph such as foxes. With the redesign, I dropped the Nanaimo focus and expanded to become British Columbia and Pacific Northwest inclusive.

A short-eared owl hunts for voles along the Fraser River delta.

For me, photographing birds is not only a passion and a business—it’s my meditation. Nothing reduces my stress like hiking through lush rainforest or grassland and watching the lives of birds unfold.

Poetry Finder

The poetry of online restaurant reviews

Published by The Navigator

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a small child. While I enjoy writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalism, poetry will always be my favourite. At Vancouver Island University, I learned not only how to write poetry, but to find it as well. In my piece, “The poetry of online restaurant reviews,” I turn real online restaurant reviews into poems by adding line breaks and removing words. Here’s a little taste:

“Really? Aunt Jemima!? Gross!”

(Review of MGM Restaurant by Matthew M.)

stay away

lord have mercy



need to throw up

before we get back on the road

please folks

do not eat at this place

this is Canada